• Cacao Thin Mints

    What's the most popular cookies from Girl Scout? Thin Mints, of course.
  • Maple Peanut Butter

    Cacao + Peanut Butter + Maple Syrup = Perfect Combo
  • Coconut Whipped Cream

    Non-dairy whipped cream + TEO cacao brew
  • Black Sesame Smoothie

    Superfood smoothie ft. Cacao + Black Sesame
  • Cacao Chicory Brew

    Anyone else struggle with caffeine intake? 

  • Banana [n]ice cream

    TEO w/ [n]ice cream
  • Teo Overnight Oats

    Perfect breakfast or snack
  • Cold Teo + Maple cream

    Sweet maple cream foam
  • Mexican "Hot Chocolate"

    Spice it up
  • Teo Ice Cubes

    Ice ice baby
  • Vanilla Blackberry Cacao

    It's the perfect berry cacao tea.
  • Double Chocolate

    Ft. Stroopwafel or "syrup waffle"