Téo Talk

  • Working Direct Trade with Farmers

    At TEO, direct trade isn't some arbitrary claim or mysterious certification but a commitment made with our farmers. The average cacao farmer globa...
  • The Ecuador CCN-51

    Learn more about Homero Castro, the man who invented the hybrid CCN-51 cacao variety and our farmers in Ecuador.
  • Helping Young Women in Nepal

    Téo Cacao is teaming up with Raksha Ascent to conduct leadership expeditions for young women in Nepal.
  • Cacao vs Cocoa

    Cacao or Cocoa? Cocoa or cacao? What's the difference anyway? Let's break it down a bit, what is the difference between cacao and cocoa. 
  • Caffeine Alternative

    For those looking to curb their caffeine intake, or switch to an alternative, Téo offers the benefits you're looking for.
  • Blood and Cacao

    The cacao pod is a symbol of the human heart. The cacao beans were symbolic of the blood that would flow out.
  • Theobromine from Cacao

    Caffeine and Theobromine are similar but have different effects on our bodies. What is Theobromine though?
  • Darker Than the Taste

    Téo Cacao Blends is aware of the industry's bitter side, and for that reason we do our part.
  • The Cacao Tree

    All the chocolatey goodness we enjoy comes from a very interesting tree... Theobroma Cacao.
  • Antioxidants and Cacao

    Antioxidants are found in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, some root crops... and in CACAO!
  • Cacao and Exercise

    Many take supplements to enhance performance. Finding "clean" or natural supplements is beneficial. 
  • What is Cacao Brew?

    The world of Cacao is a vast and beautiful place. The bean can be turned into many different delights.