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I love how I feel relaxed and ‘happy go lucky’ after a cup! I make it a point to sit down to drink this and have a few moments to myself! Bonus for not giving me caffeine jitters or crashes!

Amy R.

So thankful I found Téo Cacao. I don't have those terrible headaches and the crash coffee gave me. The smell and taste are incredible!

Patty T.

Such a delicious drink! I enjoy it morning, afternoon, and night. Highly recommend to anyone trying to kick a caffeine addiction. I still get an energy boost from it, but without all the negative side effects (jitters, sleep struggles, and crashes)!

Veronica E.

I was a big coffee drinker for years. This didn't give the jolt of energy I would get from coffee, but... I do notice a gentle pick me up, which I like. Plus, it feels healthier.

Angel R.

Healthy and delicious, who doesn't want this pair haha. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a new drink to drink for your stressful work days, or to just relax and enjoy some Netflix and k-dramas :-)


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Fair Trade

We only work with fair and direct trade cacao. This way we know our farmers receive honest wages, as well as the highest quality product.

Giving Back

We contribute 1% of profits to support the education of underprivileged young women in Nepal. We work with Raksha Ascent to help fund leadership treks for these young women to help them build confidence, prepare for their careers, and further their education.


We are continually striving to use sustainable packaging and practices. We value our role in keeping the planet healthy. We want our whole product and packaging to easily return to the earth to keep our planet clean.