*limited* Cacao Peppermint Blend
*limited* Cacao Peppermint Blend
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, *limited* Cacao Peppermint Blend

*limited* Cacao Peppermint Blend

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What you'll get

4 oz makes about 8 cups = $2.56/cup

100% Single origin cacao from Ecuador + Fresh peppermint leaves
No sugar, no flavorings, no additives!

Organic | Gluten Free | Vegan | Paleo | Keto

Benefits of Cacao

Theobromine | Anandamide | Phenylethylamine | Antioxidant
Magnesium | Calcium | Iron | Potassium | Manganese

Flavor Profile

Dark chocolate with a hint of fresh peppermint

Best way to drink

Cold brew - It's SUPER refreshing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Daniel Hyun
Coffee/cocoa mixed iced

This is the perfect blend of mint with cacao. I usually mix half coffee/half cacao and make it iced. Very refreshing. 5/5

Chocolate and peppermint - WOW

Just opening the bag and smelling the chocolate and peppermint together is a real treat. Loved this for making my own peppermint mocha without all the sugar and so much more flavor. Definitely recommend for a refreshing morning pick-up! My mom also loves using it in her homemade chocolates!

Jeffrey Cramer
The cacao was great

Awesome service and quick delivery. They had good recommendations for things to try as well! The cacao was great, I like the mixtures they make. Order some beans too, they were slammin.

Kimberly Stringfellow
I wake up looking forward to my cacao blend

Sooo yummy! This blend has made my working from home experience during COVID, honestly more focused and energetic.
(The energy, without the undesirable + anxious jitters I feel from strong teas/ caffeine).
The prep is easy, and the more quiet and tranquil part of my morning which I enjoy.
I wake up looking forward to my cacao blend, and Teo completely nailed it on flavors, presentation, professionalism in their responsiveness and quick delivery time.

Aven Jones
Fresh & Flavorful!

This is definitely my favorite blend I’ve tried so far!

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