Vanilla Spice Cacao Brew

Don’t have pumpkin spice or pumpkin puree this fall? This recipe still tastes like fall! 


  1. It’s super easy, especially if you don't have pumpkin spice ingredients.
  2. The recipe is very versatile; you can choose your choice of sweetener or milk. 
  3. You want to make a fall drink -- quick!
Prep time: 15 min

What you'll need:

Vanilla spice

☕ 2 tbsp sugar of choice (used monk fruit in this video)

☕ 1/4 vanilla extract

☕ Pinch of nutmeg & cinnamon

*Feel free to use less or more sweetener to your taste. 

Milk foam: 

☕ ¼ cup of milk of choice (used soy milk in this video)

Téo cacao brew: 2:1 of téo & water

☕ 2 tbsp of téo cacao grounds brewed in 1 cup (8 oz) of hot water

*Try 3+ téo cacao grounds per 8 oz if you want a stronger brew.


  1. Prepare téo cacao brew. Let it brew for 8-10 minutes
  2. Prepare milk foam
    -Frother: 30 seconds
    -French press: plunge for 45 seconds
  3. Add all vanilla spice ingredients to téo 
  4. Add milk foam on top
  5. Optional: Add cinnamon spice on milk foam


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