Cacao and Stem Cells

Stem cell research has been going on for a long time. There is a lot of controversy around it all but the importance of stem cells is not a debate. They are the master cells, the building blocks of our bodies. They are responsible for building the structure of all the cells in the body, all our blood, tissues, and organs. 

As we age our stem cells' ability to build and repair deteriorate. They are less able to differentiate into the various cell types of which our body is made up. This is essentially why we age, why organs fail, skin and hair change, and ultimately death. Essentially, if we could ensure that stems cells stayed efficient and multiplying successfully, we'd be immortal! Immortality is not quite possible yet, however you can improve and lengthen your life by keeping your stem cells as healthy as possible. 

Here are a few suggestions to promote stem cell growth and health:

  • Fasting has been studied extensively and is known to have various health benefits like helping to preserve our organs, help you maintain a healthy weight, learn self control and mental discipline, and also induces stem cell growth and production. 
Exercise and Physical Activity
  • Due to the nature of tearing down and building back up, exercise is known to proliferate and generate healthy stem cell growth. Exercises that are intense enough to break down muscle generates stem cell growth to repair them. Think of it like jump starting your stem cells.
Sufficient Sleep
  • Sleep deficits can impair stem cells from repairing the body. Essentially sacrificing sleep is literally a trade of lifespan. Lack of sleep restricts stem cell growth. This negatively affects the immune system and your body's ability to heal. Sleep is part of the secret to longevity and optimal health.
Cut Out Sugar and Unnecessary Carbs
  • Processed sugars and excess carbohydrates (which turn into sugars) cause metabolic syndrome (biochemical abnormalities caused by inflammation). Excess sugars turn to fat. Stem cells don't grow or proliferate well in bodies when a high amount of fat is present. Essentially eat according to your lifestyle. Of course enjoy yourself on occasion, however your intake routine should match your lifestyle. For example athletes consume more carbs because they need them. The average person doesn't require as much due to less physical activity and exertion. 

Cacao and Stem Cells

  • This is a bonus! Cacao is also known to stimulate stem cell growth in the body! There was a study done at the University of California, San Francisco. Participants in the study were broken up into two groups: Group 1 the control group which did not consume any dark chocolate (cacao), and Group 2 the test group who consumed a dark chocolate (cacao) drink twice a day for 30 days. At the end of the experiment Group 2 had twice as many stem cells in their system as Group 1. Not only is cacao delicious, it may have highly positive effects on stem cell generation! 

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